DIRECTOR   Morleigh Steinberg
CHOREOGRAPHY   Oguri   Liz Roche   Morleigh Steinberg
MUSIC  The Edge and Paul Chavez

Louis le Brocquy, Ireland's foremost living artist, has painted with purpose and relevance well into his 10th decade. His prodigious work, including illustration, print, and tapestry, explores both figuratively and viscerally, the human form as a profound manifestation of the spirit. Painting the full scope of the human condition, with particular reference to the Irish identity, his work takes us on an uncharted journey from the exterior reality to the complexity and mystery of the interior landscape, evoking along the way, both an emotional and physical response. His figures are imbued with a vitality that imagines a springing from the singular plane of the canvas into multi dimension. With this images in mind, Morleigh Steinberg conceived the idea of creating an evening of dance based on le Brocquy's paintings. Throughout his lifetime, le Brocquy has paid homage to the works of a select few master painters. It is also with this idea, of paying respect to the greatness of those who have come before, that this evening of dance came into being.