I was introduced to the work of Louis le Brocquy some 15 years ago when I first moved to Ireland. That moment, of experiencing his paintings for the first time, remains ingrained in my being. Immediately drawn to the powerful and evocative imagery that stared back at me from the museum walls, my response was a pure physical and emotional intrigue that stirred me beyond intellectual reasoning. I imagined the paintings, so imbued with vitality, springing from the singular plane of the canvas into multi dimension, my body feeling their potential to translate into movement. I felt a connection, not only to his work, but also to the country that would soon become my new home. After knowing Louis for some time, I asked him if he had ever seen his paintings danced. His face quietly lit up and he softly replied, " It would be an honour." Since then I have taken on the endeavour to realize what had intrigued me for years; to delve deep into the essence of his work and let it actually move me. From his Early Works through to his Homage Series, I studied not only the content and context of his paintings, but the varying kinetic energy of how he painted and how he painted time. More so, I sought to investigate the spirit that exists within the intention of his work. It has been a remarkable journey.
It will be a continuous journey.